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Smile! Dads get judged too!

The Waiting

Smile! Dads Get Judged, Too!One of the super fun things about motherhood is the way everyone has a better idea of how to raise your child than you do. Whether you’re being lambasted on Facebook by Judgerson McGillicuddie when you post a picture of your 11-month-old eating bananas and OH MY GAWD HIDE THE CHILDREN peanut butter, or you’re being scolded by a senile hairdresser for casually mentioning your plan to sleep train your baby who isn’t even born yet, the world makes good and certain that you’re aware of your complete incompetence when it comes to raising your own kid. It’s nothing short of miraculous if your offspring survive to adolescence under your watch since – let’s be honest – you’re really only qualified to be the caretaker of a jar of earthworms.

Ah yes, motherhood: damned if you do, damned if you don’t, damned if you breathe the wrong way.


But huzzah! Complete and utter incompetence loves company, and that’s…

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Habs mum on Pacioretty’s availability for playoff opener


Montreal’s regular season scoring leader Max Pacioretty practiced with his teammates on Monday for the first time since suffering what is believed to be a concussion on April 5.

Pacioretty sported a tinted visor all but giving away the fact his “upper body injury” is in fact a concussion.

The 26-year-old called the practice a special teams practice adding he’ll need to test things out in a contact practice.

“Before playing a game, you try and practice with the team, full contact. Today was a special teams practice, so it was perfect timing to get back out there. I still have to be cleared for contact. That’s the next step,” said Pacioretty per the team’s website. “That’s the same with every injury. You could feel great skating around, but as soon as you start battling it doesn’t feel as good and you re-aggravate it. I’m headed in the right…

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You are when you eat

Audio Visual Communication

A new study may help explain why glucose tolerance ? the ability to regulate blood-sugar levels ? is lower at dinner than at breakfast for healthy people, and why shift workers are at increased risk of diabetes.


Our study underscores that it’s not just what you eat, but also when you eat that greatly influences blood-sugar regulation, and that has important health consequences…

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