Sneeze, Wheeze, And Itch. Welcome To Spring Allergies In Colorado

CBS Denver

Welcome to Spring! Welcome to Kleenex! Welcome to allergies!

Allergy specialists are predicting that this will be one of the worst allergy seasons in a decade—and no area of the country will be spared. To blame: the weather. Some parts of the country it’s been extra snowy and wet; other parts unusually warm.

Those of us in Colorado are certainly feeling the spring allergies, even though spring has just sprung. And our culprit is the trees. Some days aren’t too bad—others are mucus-manufacturing congestion heaven-like

So if you’re clogged, is it an allergy or cold? Well, the most important symptom to remember is itchiness. Itchy eyes. Itchy nose. Itchy throat. Otherwise, it can be cold-like congestion, mild clearing cough, and a thick head. And those sneezing fits tend to come just like that—in fits. Finally you do not get a fever with allergies.

As for do-it-yourself tips:

Pollen counts…

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