Common Traits of the Successful Author—Craft Tuesday at Write on the River

Bob Mayer

It’s not normal to sit alone and write 100,000 words. So let’s get that out of the way. You aren’t normal. You aren’t in the bell curve and you aren’t necessarily on the good side of the curve. You’re cursed. You write because you have to. You will have to go to therapy. Sorry. That’s the reality of being a writer.

If you desire to write a novel because you want to have a bestseller and make a bundle of money, my advice is to play the lottery; it will take much less time and your odds will be about the same, if not better, and I can guarantee that the work involved will be much less. The publishing business makes little sense and it’s changing faster than ever before; the “gold rush” of the self-published eBook is long past. However, I do believe that the more you know, the…

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