Day 15 {Make Madness} – Part 2 – English Paper Piecing

While Walking My Dogs

Make Madness

Day 15 – English Paper Piecing

01876f3794181867ed61a2df8230da02eb407c3ea1Well, I definitely think I’ve developed a “hexie habit”.  This was a blast and terribly easy. And as an added bonus, I dragged out my fabric scrap basket and was able to use scrap pieces to make these hexagons.  I really hate waste and feel incredibly gratified that I could use the bits and pieces of fabric I’ve been saving for ages.

I used three different tutorials because not all gave me the information I needed.  The first tutorial was from Wild Olive.  Mollie did a beautiful job of describing how to cut the hexagon paper pieces (she even provided a downloadable template), cut the fabric, and paper piece the hexagons.  I’m so new to this that I needed to know what kind of paper to use.  Apparently there are many options as I found out from the second tutorial from Craftsy. …

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