The Road to Success

Everyday Encounters With the Creator


Maybe one day I will go back to school.  Maybe I will be a nurse.  Better yet, maybe I will work where I will have even more opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives. 

Wait.  I already have that job.  Could any job be more valuable than raising a family?

Oh, I mean after that.  Later.  When they’re older.

Don’t worry about that.  It is not time for that.  Right now is precious.  Right now is busy.  Right now you need to focus and concentrate all your energy, creativity, goals, and dreams on the task at hand.  Who has an overwhelming job and considers beginning a whole new one?  Not wise.  Focus on what you are doing right now, not what you may or may not be doing far later in life.

Fleeting thoughts pass through my subconscious like unfinished puzzle pieces trying to connect.  My inner dialogue surprises…

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