A Winding Dirt Lane or a Jackass Pass

The Caribbean Travel Guide

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALet’s explore some of the lesser-known internal road types you might not end up encountering on your Caribbean vacation unless you really get off the beaten path (or get lost trying to drive yourself around in a rental car without a guide).


Pictured above is an internal road known as a lane. A lane typically starts out as a simple foot path created as an access route over private property. Over time and with heavy traffic, a lane can expand to become much wider. In the old days, cars were expensive imports and very few people owned them. With the influx of cheap Japanese cars into the islands, lanes such as the one picture have expanded to the size of roads to accommodate vehicles as big as trucks and semis, often at the expense of the landowner.

Parochial Roads

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAParochial roads are the network of internal roads that…

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