The Ultimate beginner Guide to Keyword Research

Max on Search Engine Marketing


We’re getting back to the basics.  Too often we forget where we came from and get lost in the the process of reaching our goals and forget what’s important.  Ask yourself, is your SEM foundation still structurally sound?  Or, during the continued building process, have a few bricks in your foundation come loose or has your concrete facade cracked?

Doing enough Keywords research, before we use Google Adwords to run our advertising campaigns, is essential. First of all, you should know the different types of keywords.

  • The types of keywords:
    1. Explicit Keywords
      Explicit keywords are the easiest to research. We could use Google Adwords to find these kinds of keywords often have a high search volume, which means many online users often search for these keywords. Explicit Keywords give the most plain description of the product or service. It does not take us a lot of effort or creativity to…

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