Lot 22 is now providing our clients with Dynamic Remarketing Solutions!!!


We are very very excited to announce that we are now offering Dynamic Remarketing Campaign services to our search engine clients on Google. But…what is Dynamic Remarketing you say?

Lets look at good, old-fashioned Remarketing first . Remarketing on Google is the concept of showing display ads to people who have visited your website site recently. You are essentially “remarketing” to them again. Lets say you have a real estate company and a person has just visited your website to look at homes. The next day, you can have Display ads for your Real Estate company conveniently show up when they search for something on Google. Its like a gentle reminder that they visited your site and presumes they may still be in the market and have interest in what you are selling. Its amazing how many people click on these gentle reminders and voluntarily get right back in the…

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