Digital Marketing Role Models

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You’ve seen it before: the hair stylist whose hair is consistently haywire, the accountant who mismanages his money. When you want advice on how to do something, you want to know those experts in their field practice what they preach. So when it comes to digital marketing, who is worthy of praise and credibility?

Digital Marketing Role Models


Well-known as the all-in-one-marketing software for businesses, HubSpot has a lot of hype to live up to. It promises functions like blogging to CMS to calls to action to marketing automation to analytics and everything in between. It’d be easy to point to specific examples of each of these, but the best proof of all is the company’s enormous success. When the company went public, its market valuation was $880 million. Not bad. HubSpot itself has mastered the arts of building a solid brand identity, blogs (the company has multiple blogs) and, of course, inbound…

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