10 Websites for Startups: A Review

Brownie Communication Concepts

type-away-numero-dos Websites for startups. Photo: Alejandro Escamilla

Recently we came across an article from Inc. titled “”50 websites your startup needs to succeed”. The list states Facebook and LinkedIn as obvious choices for startups and goes across the spectrum of needs for entrepreneurs: from advice on the law, to managing your own books. We’ve broken down the list of 50 and provided a review of the 10 websites we thought were the most applicable to the local landscape.

  1. Rocket Lawyer

Can’t afford to have an attorney on retainer? Rocket Lawyer ponies up a number of easy to understand, fill-in-the blank legal documents for an affordable rate. Virtual, reputable attorneys are also on call who specialize in small business law. Their slogan is “we make law affordable and simple” and from the looks of it, this is pretty accurate. Available to you are links on how to create employment agreements, getting incorporated, business…

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